Winter is a season when many pet owners are not sure about how to care for their pets, especially in the area of the maintenance of regular hygiene practices. Bath time for dogs is usually an outdoor affair for a lot of dog owners, which can pose a challenge during the cold of winter. However, regularly bathing your dog is important for its physical health, as it not only removes dirt and odour from the dog’s coat and skin but also helps the owner to locate any inflammation or infection for quick attention. Another importance of bathing your dog (during any season) is that it can become a time for bonding for the owner and the pet, reinforcing positive interactions and improving communication. When you have a dog that is regularly cleaned, it does not pose a health risk (such as allergic reactions and respiratory challenges) to you and your family.

Having established the importance of regularly bathing your dog, how do you handle dog care during winter months? There are several pet store companies that offer a variety of advice and products that might be useful to pet owners.

We have compiled some suggestions on how to care for your dog and keep it clean during the winter.

  • You can employ the professional services of a dog groomer. In this case, keeping the dog hygienic and healthy is your priority, and you can find other ways to connect and bond with your dog outside the bathe session. The professional grooming session will take into consideration the weather, ensuring that the dog is not left wet or exposed to the cold air for too long, among other things.
  • You can also consider options such as getting an in-house dog groomer of your dog gets antsy being groomed in an unfamiliar environment. If you cannot muster up the energy to face the winter road or weather conditions, these in-house dog grooming service providers can take care of your dog within the convenience of your home.
  • If you decide to groom your dog by yourself, you might want to consider which products offer the longest lasting results. A visit to pet care shops such as christies direct and many others can be of help here. It is at this point that people decide if they want organic or chemical products, depending on the preference of the dog owner. The options to consider during winter include dry shampoo, waterless shampoo, conditioner spray, towels, etc.
  • Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. You do not want the coat of your dog to stay wet longer than necessary, so using a hair dryer can dry it out faster, which can then be followed up with brushing and trimming. You should however note that the heat should not be set too high, so as to avoid any inconvenience to the dog.
  • Whether you are using professional hands or you are doing it yourself, you should ensure that the temperature of the environment is regulated, by turning up the thermostat to increase the temperature. Do not also allow your dog to step outside immediately after a bath during winter, to avoid the dog catching a cold.
  • Also, ensure that warm water is used for bathing the dog, whether you are bathing it yourself or using the services of a groomer. The temperature should be around 350C, and the quantity of the water should not submerge the dog. This will reduce the level of discomfort faced by the dog, as the warm water will negate the cold temperature. However, ensure that the water is only warm, and not hot so as not to burn your pet.
  • Keep in mind that the water is likely to get cold faster during winter, so ensure that you have all the products and tools you need for the session ready. If you can, keep the bathing session to a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes.

Do not bathe a month-old puppy during winter, as its immunity might still be below and it might get sick easily. Rather, wipe them down with a semi-wet towel if they get dirty and whenever the need arises.